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Alloy Wheel Damage Repairs

We all know how frustrating it is when you catch your alloys on a kerb. However we can help to get your Alloys back to their former glory, carrying out anything from a small touch-in to a complete refurbishment of any size, colour or alloy type.

Bumper Scuff, Chips, Cracks
& Hole Repairs

From the slightest annoying little mark up to an ugly scrape that you simply have to get rid of we can easily remove these and Modern Plastic repair techniques that enable us to repair a hole or crack in a bumper which would have meant a replacement only a few years ago.

Panel Scratch, Dent
& Ding Repairs

How annoying is it when you notice a scratch or dent that wasn?t there last time you looked? We can use the latest materials to remove the scratch completely, either through machine polishing or a paint repair.

Comprehensive Valeting Service

When everything else is done, why not treat your car to a full and thorough valet both inside and out. You?ll be amazed how much better it looks and feels. We can also bring your paintwork back to life by letting us machine out that dull, lifeless look by mopping and polishing, you?ll be amazed at the results!

Small-Medium Damage Repairs

For the slightly bigger impacts. Don?t assume that a replacement panel is the only remedy ? let us take a look and see if we can repair it making it as good as new.

Windscreen Chip Repair

We can repair most stone chips in a windscreen, usually while you wait and at a very competitive price. Don?t ignore it and let it become a nasty crack.

Interior Trim Repairs

Using the latest technology, we can repair tears in most types of interior trim so don?t let that little rip become worse ? make sure you ask Pronto to repair it for you, quickly and conveniently while you wait. We all hate to see a tired and worn interior. Why not let Pronto repair and revitalise your Leather and Velour trim accordingly.

Car Detailing

This is the art of bringing your car back to it?s original best ? whether it?s an old classic or just been neglected, we have the expertise to restore it to its former glory or maybe you?re thinking of having parking sensors fitted, have you?ve damaged a wing mirror cover? Don?t worry, Pronto can match any paint colour for a very reasonable price.

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